How to Create a HelloWorldService Service using HelloWorld java Class


Fabio Andrés Palmieri
Green Developer.


This document contains an easy way to create a service.



1. Create a main java Class Folder (C:\HelloWorldProject\) ans select your Startable Class (HelloWorld.class).

2. Have an adminstrators's group win account.

3. Create a Java Services Interface Folder (c:\JSICore\) and uncmpress the CREATE_SERVICE.7Z files.
JSI.EXE (this is the windows Services, this app, will be used under developers's authorization.
Windows Services Manager.EXE (this is a great usefull utility)

4. Create an Installer whit the follow command.

sc create "HelloWorldService" binpath= "C:\JSICore\JSI.exe C:\HelloWorldProject\ HelloWorld" DisplayName= "Hello World Windows Services"  type= own start= auto
sc Description "HelloWorldService" "This service allows to run a HelloWorld javaClass"

For unistalling, you have to create a .bat script white the follow command

sc delete "WindowsSample"

Wizard to run your java class as Windows Services...
Ejecutar classes de java como servicios de Windows.
Demarrer des classes de java comme services del systeme operative.
20100708-Create Java Services Interface

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